Birdwatching in the poor weather FEATURED TRIP Birdwatching in the poor weather African Golden Oriole FEATURED TRIP African Golden Oriole Identifying Birds FEATURED TRIP Identifying Birds White-faced Whistling Duck FEATURED TRIP White-faced Whistling Duck Osprey (Fish hawk) on a flyway over the Niger Delta FEATURED TRIP Osprey (Fish hawk) on a flyway over the Niger Delta
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There is a birdwatcher in everyone. But it takes a conscious effort to grow or sustain it. Being an individual who loved the outdoors, I became an active bird watcher about seven years ago. Often alone, I observed birds in my neighbourhood and showed a keen interest in their daily routines.


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Previous high points have included: Idanre Hills (Ondo State), Old Oyo National Park (Oyo State) and Mount Patti (Kogi State).


Holiday on the hills

Plateau State has some of the most scenic landscapes in Nigeria.

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