Pupils of iRise Model School write story book on SDGs

On Friday 15 July, four pupils of iRise Model School will launch their co-authored book at a ceremony to be hosted at the American Corner facility in Lagos. Titled “Wellbeing”, the book includes fictional stories that address five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

According to a statement from the school, which is located in the Igando area of Lagos, “Wellbeing” has been published with the support of the Nigerian Copyright Commission, the US Embassy in Nigeria, Accessible Publishers and iRead Mobile Library Network.

Wellbeing’s Goal 1 is about a family who lost their livelihood due to Covid19 pandemic but they were able to learn vocational skills to get out of poverty. In Goal 2, a young girl who helped her teacher start a school farm to
ensure food security.

Goal 3 is focused on two children who vouched to keep their environment
clean so mosquitoes would not have room to breed and everyone can be healthy, while Goal 4 is the story of a young girl who could not go to school but was able to access the mobile library.

Her recommendation to have the mobile library visit her community gave birth to a school project. And Goal 5 is about a community where girls are given out in marriage at age 13.

This was changed through the intervention of a women group who advocated that when girls get good education, they make better choices.

Ireoluwa Fatukasi, one of the co-authors, explains how the book was inspired and then published.

Young Authors (L-R): Okikiola Adewoye, Rani Abraham, Iretomiwa Fatukasi and Sophie Aji-Afanu

“Last December, our library teacher Ms Funmi gave all the children free SDGs story books titled ‘The World We Want” and asked us to create our own stories after reading the book,” Fatukasi, 11, said in an interview. “Myself and my classmates wrote several stories which she reviewed. I’m very happy that our book will be read by many children.”

Also speaking about the book, Sophie Aji-Afana said the publishing journey began after she and other classmates gave a poetry rendition at the International Intellectual Property Day event hosted by the US Embassy last April 2022.

“When we finished our presentation, I collected the microphone and thanked the organisers of the event because of all the information we got on intellectual property and copyright,” Aji-Afana, 10, continued.

“It was then I mentioned that we were writing our own book too. The Director of the Nigerian Copyright Commission, Dr Asein, announced that day that they would help us publish our book. I was most excited.”

Rani Abraham and Okikiola Adewoye, both 11, are the other co-authors. All four pupils are completing their final year of primary school and are members of Irise Model School’s Storywriters Academy, facilitated by iRead Library.

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